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Conference Finals schedule:

Sharks were the youngest team in the NHL. Despite Detroit's lack of blueline depth, the Sharks lack of killer instinct clearly showed. What surprised me was Marleau's disappearing act. This is the captain and he was a total no show in these playoffs. San Jose has some interesting decisions to make. Hannan is a UFA and will be highly sought after, but both Marleau and Thornton are UFAs after 07-08. Wouldn't shock me to see San Jose keep Hannan and try to move Marleau in the offseason.

I think a team like the Ducks is better equipped to expose Detroit's blueline, but you have to give Lidstrom and Hasek a lot of credit. I don't think Anaheim has played their best hockey yet. Still, if Hasek continues to play well and Detroit can continue to keep the shots against down, it wouldn't surprise me to see them advance. I have to admit, a Buffalo/Detroit SCF would be intriguing....Hasek versus Buffalo?

I'd expect Anaheim/Detroit will be a low scoring series and Ottawa/Buffalo to be higher scoring and imo the more exciting of the two series.

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