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Originally Posted by Jori View Post
Well, I underestimated Detroit and overestimated San Jose. Who knew the Sharks PP would go into such a funk in the playoffs and after what happened to them against Edmonton last year, you would think a killer instinct would sink in. The Sharks are done imo. I can see them forcing a game 7, but San Jose blew their chance in game 4.
without schneider, detroit's in trouble, imo. we've already got quincey, a rook, back there and it's gonna mean more ice time for chelios, lidstrom, et al. i don't think the sharks are done at all. this group of wings have too many guys like franzen, samuelsson, flippula who have never won a playoff series before. if i'm babcork, i sit calder and go with 7 defenSeimian tonight since lebda prolly isn't 100%. try to win a 1-0 game by throwing traps, double teams, etc at them all game long and let guys like draper, cleary, zetterberg catch the sharks napping. hasek's gotta be a wall.
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