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Originally Posted by SJ Bronco View Post
The division may be a joke, but the wings defense isn't. Despite the 8 goal raid we had on hasek earlier this year, I think we have the most trouble with this attacking style. The preds did it too, but they were so damn fast it made us play sloppy. The wings have a whole new approach, its just plain body on body and its driving our defenseman crazy. Not many teams take playoff games in our building, but I think the wings have a shot at one. If they can do that, we may be in BIG trouble. Game three was more formulaic for us though. We came out putting puck on net and holding the zone. Passing was better, and most importantly, we played the second period wich is our best period. Without Bell and Marleau playing the wing, we always play better though.
the longer the series goes, the more bleak it is for detroit. the big bodies of the sharks pounding and cycling will force the wings defense into more mistakes. luckily, hasek is a guy who can still take the heat. homer made a huge difference last night and he could spell trouble for the sharks in front. lidstrom's usually a rock but the play of guys like lilja and chelios (is he drawing Social Security yet?) and quincey are a total shock. seems like the sharks are slowed down when teams cover their wings and make their d-men bring the puck up. after game 1, i was worried this series wouldn't have much life but 2-2 going back to detroit gives it the makings of a classic series.
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