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Originally Posted by SJ Bronco View Post
I think wings fans thought this would be a walk. I was reading a couple of the detroit News sites, and they all thought this would be an easy series. The national press hasn't watched a sharks game all year from what I can tell. I think the wings will be shocked to find they are gonna have to play their best if they want to beat the sharks. Also, im tired of hearing how much better hasek is than nabby. I get it, hasek is a great goalie, but guess what, nabby ain't bad, and he also doesn't have the luxury of having a hall of fame defense pair in front of him. So, GAME ON! i hope the wings (for their sake) and their fans starting taking this seriously now.

i don't know what you were reading but the freep and detroit news online both said the sharks were bigger, faster, and would most likely beat the wings in this series. every 'expert' from billy ray candyarse to bucci pick the sharks. we get the luxury of playing in a joke of a division so we reap the benefits when seeding time comes, but we all know the sharks can and should win this series.
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