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Emanuel Sanders

But what's "excessive"?
People like to talk...and if they are getting into a debate, that would suck to have their posts limited.

Do you really want to deal with a riot if TJ shuts down the board...seriously, if this place is down for a couple of hours people go into serious withdrawals...there could be heart you really want to take responsibility for all that

I understand the "seniority" principle, but at the same time, those same people also post excessively at times.

With 48 posts...who are you to tell TJ to shut down the board or tell people not to post anyway... Especially those that are regulars...some of us have been here since the beginning and this is a closeknit community. Through thick and thin or in this case, during football or during the off-season, the regulars on this board are sometimes the ONLY decent posters on the board and even if they aren't "quality" posts, they are entertainment.

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