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Originally Posted by Mtbrncofn View Post
Give a review of 'Eragon', Ben. It's not really my kind of book, but my daughter might like it.
Ok, I finished "Eragon" the other day and here are my thoughts:
What's the big deal? It was a generic fantasy tale of a dragon and her rider that leaned heavily on fatasy works that have come before. If you're looking for a fresh version of the Pern books (which were definately getting stale until Todd McCaffrey started writhing), just read the first four or five again, or better yet, read the three that are written by Todd and rediscover the world of Pern from a fresh vantage. Eragon is not a bad book. In fact, I've placed a hold on the sequal "Eldest." But, it's not really a good book either. The plot concepts are too tired and cliche'd and being aimed at adolsecent readers their wasn't much done in the story telling (as there is in the Narnia series or the Harry Potter books) to cover these shortcomings. All in all, worth a read and probably a very good book for someone who hasn't been reading 2-5 books/week for over 30 years.

I'm hoping the series will improve as it progresses as so many series do (especially in the fantasy genre), hence the willingness to read the second book. Let me get through that one before I give a true thumbs-up (or -down).

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