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Originally Posted by Willynowei View Post
I agree with Alec. If Yao and T-mac play like they can, thats pretty scarry, its almost like Kobe and Shaq 3 or 4 years ago. Remember when it was Lakers and Spurs alternating Championships for 10 years?

I think Yao and T-mac can do that, but T-mac has got to stay healthy and Yao needs to be more like the great wall and less like the great marshmellow.

I'm a laker fan so I'm prolly being homerist, but watching them play the Suns, they were screwing up the defensive boards and hustle plays when they had position. Thats fixable, where as the suns having crappy post presence is unfixable.

Lakers have as good a chance of beating the Suns as they did last year. Also, Amare Stoudamire, I really don't like that guy. He's like a football player trying to play basketball, he's in the wrong sport.
Yao looks decent now because he's playing a slow pound it inside team. Teams that run like the Suns, Yao is always on the bench after 6 minutes of play because he's too slow and is already winded.

My opinion on the Lakers/Suns game is that the Suns were flat out terrible shooting the ball in the first half. Most of them were wide open looks too. The Suns got what ever looks they wanted but had one of those off nights shooting, and they still beat the Lakers. If the Suns even hit half of those open looks it's not even a game. Kobe ends up having to carry that team too much and you could see his performace in the 4th quater just get sorry because he was shot. I like Kobe, Odom and Walton but the rest of those guys are junk if you ask me. Bottom line is, as Phil Jackson said, the Lakers need to be perfect for 4 quarters to beat the Suns while the Suns can be average on any given night and still beat the Lakers.
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