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Originally Posted by Nuggets4 View Post
Dallas wins in 5. I think there will be a close game or two, but not enough to scare the Mavs. I'm more interested in the off-the-court drama.

Suns roll over the Lakers. They're limping into the playoffs. Kobe could score 90 a game and Phoenix should still win. That said, fun series to watch.

Spurs should win in 6. Nugs have the talent to win two, I just hope they do.

Houston should beat Utah. Utah's limping in, T-Mac is determined and Yao is playing some great ball right now.

All that said, every one of those series should be fun to watch. They just won't go 7.
No, that's why Nellie has been saving Foyle. We'll give you 20+ beat up Dirk in the parking lot and get tossed.

They'd use Stephen Jackson, but he's actually important.

Or I suppose they could do what Kings fans did to Kobe except replace food poisoning with whatever welcome mat Oakland can provide.
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