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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by angryllama View Post
I thought Nash was supposed to be able to raise the work production of every member of the franchise? If that's the case than it doesnt matter if Stoudemire is out there or not, right?
Now you're being a retard. He's the reason a team full of guards and small forwards went as far as they did in the first place last year. It's well known by everybody here you hate Nash but don't get all stupid on us now. How well would have Dallas played this year if Dirk missed the whole season and then take away somebody like Dampier for the last part of the season and where are the Mavs then? Take away Duncan and another post player for the Spurs and do they get the West finals? Point Made! This isn't about how good Nash is, it's about how much better the team is suited for a real playoff push with a low post force like Amare.

I hope Dirk goes down during the 1st game of the playoffs and misses the rest of the season and then maybe you might understand what I mean.
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