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I don't really like T-Mac either. I'm not sure what it is but he has always kinda bothered me. Maybe it's because he makes it look so easy out there (when he's healthy) and he almost looks lethargic during the game (right down to that silly, stoner look on his face all the time). I have no doubt he's playing his ass off, but when compared to Iverson, who because of his stature has to play with a reckless abandon, there is just something missing there.

Like Alec, I read the Simmons MVP article on, and I have to say I was really surprised to see what he wrote about T-Mac; to the point that I re-read it to check for sarcasm. I have never viewed him as much a defensive player and always thought he was kind of selfish out there. And sure, if you compare him to Vince Carter he's an angel, but who isn't?

Maybe I'm wrong, a homer, or whatever, but I would take Melo over him anyday (Anthony hasn't even hit his prime yet) and I think it's an absolute joke to even compare T-Mac to Iverson when he was in his prime (when AI's career is over he will be considered one of the top 25 players OAT).
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