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Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
Alright, i'm in.

I am 5'11 and 205 with 25 lbs of pure belly. I played at 170 but a realistic goal should be 180.

I have been in shape all of my life until the second ACL in 2005. My son was born 3 months into rehab and I never finished it properly. I take care of both my kids during the day unless I have clients or practicum (group training). My daughter goes to school a half day every day and I never seem to be able to work out anymore while she is gone. That is always when I went before my son was born. I need to resume my workouts and finish my left leg rehab.

Another problem is that I cook for the family and if my wife is not "on board" I make foods that are not conducive to weight loss I never had a problem eating all that I do when I was burning 3500+ calories a day. Now, I have put on thirty five lbs eating the way I used to eat.

I convinced her to use Bill Phillips "Body for Life" plan back in 2001 when we had our first child because his plan is simple, easy to follow, and includes both exercise and diet. This has both science and results behind it. I did it with her and we were both did very well with it until the holidays rolled around and we quit doing it. Check out for the particulars of the diet. Bill Phillips used to work with TD and Romo during the Superbowl years and is a good DEN guy to boot
Body for Life ROCKS!!! And it works. Its so crazy simple and works soooo well its scary. All it really takes is a little organization and the willingness to stick with it over the 12 weeks.

I am not really suffering from any un-wanted weight at the moment. I stand 5'10 -190 and want to actually bulk up a little bit more with some good muscle.

The 5-6 small meals a day thing works like magic. Also, you don't have to KILL yourself in a gym to see good results. I would say that weight loss is 50% mental, 25% diet and 25% exercise. You have to get right mentally in order to get right with your working out and diet.
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