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Originally Posted by Crushaholic View Post
I haven't done anything DRASTIC, but I have cut out French fries from my diet. Hopefully, that will lead to less fast food. French fries are always offered as a combo in those places, so I hope this is the catalyst to changing my eating habits. I've also reduced my intake of pop, which can ALSO be found at the aforementioned fast food places. Slowly, I'm making a dietary change that will last a lifetime. That's how people should do it. Old habits die hard, but weaning off them gradually is the way to go. Then, you don't miss them. I'm Catholic, so I gave up pizza for Lent one year. Now, I only eat pizza once in a blue moon. I need to exercise more often. Maybe I'll do it now that the weather is getting better...
A few fast food places are now offering alternatives to fries with value meals. I know Wendy's does, but I refuse to eat there because a customer of mine at work got E. Coli from Wendys by my store. I did give in and eat a McDonalds Sausage McMuffin for breakfast today, shame on me. I was starving and I didn't want to eat any of the garbage we offer in my gas station! Some gas stations have a bigger variety and some stuff is semi okay, but I'm in a dinky little Phillips66! Granted, we are a very busy store, but we are small and don't have a big variety of choices. Much less healthy ones. I ate junky today, but I haven't been to Starbucks in a week and I've stopped eating chocolate and junk.
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