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Originally Posted by RhymesayersDU View Post
Figured I'd check in on this thread.

My story goes like this: I've been lifting weights since August, which I feel really good about. I've actually gained a lot of good weight in the form of muscle.

Problem is, my suit I wore to Church for Easter was a little snugger than I thought it'd be, so even if it's just 1 pant size, I'd like to drop some poundage. I've always hovered around a 40... Was down to a 38 when I was on Atkins, but now have gained weight to be around what I would call a 41... My 40 pants still fit, although tight.

I drastically changed my diet starting this past Monday. I also finally pushed myself to start running on the treadmill as well as walking the dogs more frequently. I hate to do it. Running was always a punishment for me, being on the football and basketball teams. But I gotta do it.

Right now, a typical day for me is the following:
Go to work at the restaurant, have 2 eggs (egg beaters) and dry wheat toast to start the day. Somewhere around lunchtime, I have a turkey sandwich on wheat or some kind of salad. No cheese, or other such add ons. For dinner I have a Whey Protein Shake, with a banana blended in. I've also switched almost exclusively to water. I've been off regular soda since August, but now I don't even do Diet drinks or Iced Tea with sweet & low.

You can probably classify this as one of those, drastic drops in caloric intake that was being discussed earlier. But I gotta do something. I need to go to the grocery store this weekend and find some healthy snacks. I had some grapes while watching the Nuggets game last night, but I never realized how unhealthy everything in my house is (snack wise) until I really put conscious effort into watching what I eat.

Anyways, I really just would like to look good for my girlfriend's formal at the end of May. I don't care about what the scale says, since I'm lifting, but if I can just fit into my 40 pants and look good in my suit, I'll be happy, and can hopefully make further improvements from there.

It looks like you are making the right decisions. But, instead of running and thinking it as a punishment, why not limit that run to, say,. 15 minutes and then add a different form of cardio that you enjoy for another 15 or so minutes. In order to make cardio a way of life it really does have to be something that you enjoy. If not, you will get to the weight you want and then start making excuses to skip it because it's more of a burden than an enjoyment. Cardio is the best way to drop weight and burn the fat. Lifting weights without burning the fat just means that you will add muscle under the fat. Although, adding muscle also means that you are increasing your sedentary caloric burn, or increasing your metabolism.
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