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Ty Lawson

Figured I'd check in on this thread.

My story goes like this: I've been lifting weights since August, which I feel really good about. I've actually gained a lot of good weight in the form of muscle.

Problem is, my suit I wore to Church for Easter was a little snugger than I thought it'd be, so even if it's just 1 pant size, I'd like to drop some poundage. I've always hovered around a 40... Was down to a 38 when I was on Atkins, but now have gained weight to be around what I would call a 41... My 40 pants still fit, although tight.

I drastically changed my diet starting this past Monday. I also finally pushed myself to start running on the treadmill as well as walking the dogs more frequently. I hate to do it. Running was always a punishment for me, being on the football and basketball teams. But I gotta do it.

Right now, a typical day for me is the following:
Go to work at the restaurant, have 2 eggs (egg beaters) and dry wheat toast to start the day. Somewhere around lunchtime, I have a turkey sandwich on wheat or some kind of salad. No cheese, or other such add ons. For dinner I have a Whey Protein Shake, with a banana blended in. I've also switched almost exclusively to water. I've been off regular soda since August, but now I don't even do Diet drinks or Iced Tea with sweet & low.

You can probably classify this as one of those, drastic drops in caloric intake that was being discussed earlier. But I gotta do something. I need to go to the grocery store this weekend and find some healthy snacks. I had some grapes while watching the Nuggets game last night, but I never realized how unhealthy everything in my house is (snack wise) until I really put conscious effort into watching what I eat.

Anyways, I really just would like to look good for my girlfriend's formal at the end of May. I don't care about what the scale says, since I'm lifting, but if I can just fit into my 40 pants and look good in my suit, I'll be happy, and can hopefully make further improvements from there.
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