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Oh, another of my do or die tricks. Plan ahead!! Always have something healthy to munch on. The second I hit the "I'm famished" stage I'll eat anything in sight. It's always good to plan the week ahead. You know what your weaknesses are at work, so try different things to avoid falling into grabbing whatever is handy (which is usually unhealthy).

With all that being said...I'm so frustrated with my training right now. I need to be weight training along with my running, but I'm struggling with finding the time or energy to get to the gym. I've found that I'm out running and my cardio is fine, but my legs are not as strong as they were 6 months ago and so my legs are tired before I'm tired. So, that is the goal next week. Keep me accountable guys. I need to hit the gym to do weights at least 3 times next week...and two sessions need to be training legs!!
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