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Watch out for Snapple and those energy drinks. They are loaded with calories. Remember that it's much better to EAT your calories than to DRINK them. My philosophy is that if I'm going to drink my calories...there better be alcohol in it!

Snacking isn't all that bad for you, it's just what you snack on. It's good to eat small, more frequent meals. Your body burns the calories immediately rather than storing them for later burn. I like the little 100 calorie packs that you can get at the store. They have them in oreos crisps and other 'sweets'. That just enough to sooth my sweet tooth.

Another thing I do is buy the Lean Cuisine frozen meals for my lunches. They are controlled portions and help me to count of the calories I eat. If I decide to meet someone for lunch, I'll typically just have a salad or something easy and light at the restaurant.

Regarding your starbucks fun treat...have them make it with skim milk and allow yourself one or two a week. Trade that out for one or two of your typical snacks. I love my iced mochas, but I've cut back to only have them twice a week. The days that I have one I don't have a snack or I run an extra mile. It helps balance it out. If I'm tempted to splurge on something, I weigh the consequences of running an extra few miles. If I REALLY want that "extra" treat then I'll be ok with the extra work out. But, most of the time I wimp out and pass on the treat.
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