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I just found this thread also, and a wonderful, encouraging idea! I just started a diet three days ago, on Tuesday 4/10 when I busted the button on my pants. I haven't stepped on the scale and I won't, because when I do, it throws me into a depression and I'm prone to that. (I'm Bipolar and it sucks) I have gained over 80 pounds in the last 10 years due to meds that they have put me on, and I can't seem to get it off. I've been off of meds for about a year now, and the weight is not coming off. After breaking the button on my pants on Tuesday, I decided to do something about it. I'm heavier than I have ever been and miserable. My eating habits suck, as I love junk food, but I have decided to cut out the junk and the soda. Cutting out soda wasn't too hard to do, because when I was taking a certain med, it made soda taste flat, so that took away the craving for it. Even though I'm not on that med anymore, I never picked up my soda habit. (I used to drink two or three 32 oz sodas a day!) Instead I started drinking Snapple's Energy Drink, because I am so caffeine addicted and can't stand coffee. Snapple discontinued the drink not too long ago (the jerks) so that kinda helps that. I can't drink stuff like Red Bull, Rock Star or any of those because they wire me too badly. I started drinking Vitamin Water instead, and that has given me the energy I need without a caffeine headache. Especially the Energy one. So that has helped, cutting out all the sugar in that drink. My biggest downfall is Starbucks. I love the double chocolate chip frappucino creme (no coffee..) but it is so fattening! That is the hardest for me to give up, but I need to in order to be healthy. I am only 5'4" and at least 100 pounds overweight. I'm miserable and it makes my asthma worse. My mom is on a low cholesterol diet by the doctor, so I think I may follow it with her. I also am trying a diet pill (go ahead and yell at me now) I'm trying Cylaris. So far, my appetite has been lower and it's been easier to not eat junk. So i'm on day three, and even so far.
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