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Rubin Carter

What a great bunch of games last night! Felt bad for the Pens as they looked a little shell shocked at the start, but I think they will pick it up. Sens looked good. Was bummed that the Preds didn't pull it off in OT, was quite a feat to get there. Hope the Ducks kill the Wild. Haven't had any use for the Wild since they knocked the Avs out a few years back. The Stars and Canucks series has the look of a great one, had to hit the rack at 0230 and they were only in the third OT here in Atlanta. Looking forward to the Thrashers and Rangers tonight! Pulling for the Thrashers as they are the ONLY local team I can stand. Had season tickets back in 1999-2003, but had to let them go due to employment. Hope the Flames kick the crap out of the Deadwings, the Devils punk out the Lightning, and Chris Drury leads the Sabers to a win over the Isles. Speaking of Drury. I hated it when they shipped him out of Colorado, and I hope the Avs make a run at bringing him back this summer. I think he would make a great guy to pick up the leadership torch from Joe when he decides to hang up the skates. For a great article on Drury check out this link:
I'd paste it up here, but it is ten pages long! Real good read, though.
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