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Originally Posted by Master___Pain View Post
Cool, I had to take a shot and ask the OM expert. I used to work at Roy's restaurants and worked briefly in the kitchen so I got used to seeing great fish every day. I think I know what is good quality. There's a little fresh meat and fish market that opened just block away from my office. They seem to have pretty good fish, I got some sashimi quality Ahi from them last week that I made into sushi. It was very good. Problem is, they don't get the Hawaiian fish that I like some much like Opah, Opakapaka and Ono very often. Then again, even when I was in San Diego those fish were not that common to find in the local markets unless the market was calling me letting me know they had it.
I carry all the species you mentioned. I can ship to you if you like but the freight expense is outrageous. It will run you as much if not more than the seafood...
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