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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by BroncoBuff View Post
You're an inspiration Old Dude ... 40 pounds in 6 months. Nice.

BAD NEWS FOR ME: I'm the exact same weight I was a week ago! I can see why people say that watching the number on the scale can be disheartening. I have borderline-fasted much ot the past week ... Does anybody know the pros/cons of the OptiFast type liquid diet - the Oprah thing? I don't wanna endanger my health, but I'm sure I could go 3 or 4 weeks to get uner 300 pounds. Once I weigh "2"-something, then I'll feel better, and will start a more sensible plan. I need to lose 14 to get to 299...

It's three weeks today since I weighed in on that hospital scale ... I'm gonna count my losses from that day, instead of the thread start day. I need the positive thinking...

21 days / -7

Go to B&N or other bookstore and look at the BFL plan. It only takes an hour to read the basics and you can buy the book if you like. Eat six small meals a day using three shakes and three real food meals right now. The smaller meals keeps metabolism optimal all day and burns more calories than three or four meals a day. The seventh day each week is a free day to trick your body from returning your set weight point to where you have dropped. The free day is eat whatever and drink whatever you want.

Plus, include a quick, smart, and easy workout. BFL's cardio workout's are 20 minutes long, but vary the intensity level's to your tolerance. The Weight sets are only 50 minutes stretching start to finish and also start to where you are right now.
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