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Originally Posted by zdoor View Post
Sorry I don't know any suppliers in Colorado. I'm very familiar with Whole Foods in CA. I supply several stores and a good friend of mine who owns Superior Seafoods supply's the majority. In Ca. Whole Foods does one of the better jobs among grocery retailers. Can't speak for the shops in Colorado though. Generally specialized fish markets are always the best choice but they vary greatly depoending on ownership. Trust your eyes and nose when choosing fresh fish, generally they won't steer you wrong.
Cool, I had to take a shot and ask the OM expert. I used to work at Roy's restaurants and worked briefly in the kitchen so I got used to seeing great fish every day. I think I know what is good quality. There's a little fresh meat and fish market that opened just block away from my office. They seem to have pretty good fish, I got some sashimi quality Ahi from them last week that I made into sushi. It was very good. Problem is, they don't get the Hawaiian fish that I like some much like Opah, Opakapaka and Ono very often. Then again, even when I was in San Diego those fish were not that common to find in the local markets unless the market was calling me letting me know they had it.
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