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Originally Posted by Clockwork Orange View Post
I have him on one team, but thankfully I landed Chris Ray in a trade this past week to hedge against his meltdowns.

He might find himself nailed to one of my reserve spots soon if things don't change.
Crap like this is another reason I like to go into the season with a healthy closer stockpile. Its better to have one available already than have to go chasing for one when you hit crisis mode.

I'm pulling the plug on Corey Hart in every league. Just like last year, Yost is jerking him around. I knew this would happen. Yost is going to hear Jenkins and Mench b****ing about their roles all year anyway, but a strong manager would let this kid develop already. Yost just doesn't seem to like him that much.

Alex Gordon is now 1-19. This puts KC in an awkward position. Nobody is doubting his talent, but what if he starts out 1-30? I mean, eventually it going to affect his confidence.

I'm backing off my Gordon will outperform Delmon Young this year smack. Not so much because Gordon is starting so poorly, either. The baseball was making a really wicked sound coming off Delmon's bat today. That noise is unmistakable. This kid will be a great hitter.
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