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The off-season.
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Originally Posted by jth1331 View Post
The broadcasters aren't bad, I kinda like Matt Vasgersian, but I think its embarassing that they can come up with a trivia question that is wrong like that.
And the Padres haven't exactly been known to kick ass throughout the years, but oh well.
I will say, I have been surprised with how well the Rockies starting pitching is doing. Bullpen needs to tune it up though...
Well...since the Rockies have been in the league...the Madres have blown them away in regards to their respective successes. Division titles in '96, '98 (world series), '05, and '06. *The San Diego television guys are trying to entertain...but it was a f*** up on their part. Nothing to get your nose out of joint about, however.

Perhaps a better trivia question would have been...In obviously juiced up Daunt Bichette hit 40 home runs. How many did he hit on the road?

Gawd I hated that phoney Bichette...although he did provide me with one of my all time favorite baseball moments...when in trying to throw out a runner...he actually threw the ball backwards. And wasn't he manning the outfield when perhaps the slowest man ever to play major league baseball...the Crime Dog Fred McGriff hit an inside the park home run?

F the Rockies...but not as much as the giants, and dahyers.
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