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Originally Posted by Dukes View Post
I watched the tv broadcast, the announcers aren't bad. Would you really expect anything different though? It's not like the Rockies are a powerhouse. During the bottom of the 2nd inning they were discussing the reason why the Rockies have been 120 games below .500 in the past 6 years (according to their stat guy), then they go to commercial and never continue the conversation. I wanted to get on the phone and tell them "It's the bloody Montforts!! They are responsible for atrocious record!"
The broadcasters aren't bad, I kinda like Matt Vasgersian, but I think its embarassing that they can come up with a trivia question that is wrong like that.
And the Padres haven't exactly been known to kick ass throughout the years, but oh well.
I will say, I have been surprised with how well the Rockies starting pitching is doing. Bullpen needs to tune it up though...
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