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Calculating ARod's final HR tally, he will turn 32 this year, and I'll say he probably will play til he is 40. 8 more years after this one.
He has 465 homeruns at the moment. I will estimate that he hits 45 this year, so that would leave him with 507 homeruns after this season.
Say he averages 40 for 3 more years, thats another 120 homeruns, so after 2010 he has about 627 homeruns
Then I will estimate he averages 35 homeruns for 3 years, which is another 105 dingers. End 2013, you are looking at 732 homeruns.
2 more years averaging 20 homeruns, gives him another 40 so the final tally estimated will be 772 homeruns.
Now, its really tough to really estimate and all, I mean, he could be an average hitter after 35 and not hit 30+ each year, or he could be done before he is 40. Heck, he could also crank out 50+ for a couple seasons.
Although, the man may go down as one of the best players to every play the game. He will likely end up with well over 3,000 hits, most likely 700+ homeruns, 2,000+ RBI's, 2,000+ runs scored, 500+ doubles, possibly 300+ stolen bases, a good average of around .300 if not above and a good on base percentage. Plus, he plays solid defense.
I will say I like ARod a lot, and would like to see him hold the title.
Now, could anyone contend for ARod's record? Pujols maybe?
As well, I like looking this stuff up to see how a players totals may end up at the end of their career.
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