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Originally Posted by Master___Pain View Post
Yo Z....I've been meaning to ask you this. I'm in Colorado Springs and I'm always looking for good fresh fish and have kind of settled in to Whole Foods. I know it's probably not the best place to be getting my fish from but I'm not sure of my alternatives. Do you or any one you supply to deal with any local fish markets here? I know it's a strange question to ask some one in CA, but you are in the fish business so I figured I'd take a shot.
Sorry I don't know any suppliers in Colorado. I'm very familiar with Whole Foods in CA. I supply several stores and a good friend of mine who owns Superior Seafoods supply's the majority. In Ca. Whole Foods does one of the better jobs among grocery retailers. Can't speak for the shops in Colorado though. Generally specialized fish markets are always the best choice but they vary greatly depoending on ownership. Trust your eyes and nose when choosing fresh fish, generally they won't steer you wrong.
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