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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by BroncoInferno View Post
Not yet. I'm assuming it must have been out of stock, but I've shot them an email to find out for sure. I received a confirmation email when I first put in the order, and there was no mention of its availability (or lack thereof); so I assumed all was OK. They have not debited my account yet, so maybe they are expecting to restock if it is in fact not currently available. I hope that is the case. I've been looking forward to hearing it.
I went thru that for months with a couple of different companies till I found one that actually had it. What pissed me off was I could've bought it three times on eBay while I was dicking around with these guys.

I'd turn to eBay if they don't come thru for you....I'd burn and send you a copy but my burner is messed up...
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