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Just found this gem! What a great idea.

I'd like to drop a good 20 pounds prior to the end of June (race time).

Winter is always a tough time for me as I tend to put on about 10 pounds because I'm not outside running due to the fact that it gets dark so early and is dark when I wake. I'm not really into running on the treadmill.

Anyway, I've found in the past it was really helpful to log the foods I eat and the exercises I do each day. I use . It's free to set up your account and there are a lot of foods already in their system. You can add your own if you want. Also, you can enter the exercises you do each day as well. I've found that it's way too easy to eat more calories than you really think you are. When I look over a week's time in the reports section, I can then see what my calorie deficit is and I should know about what my weight loss is at that point.

Right now I'm training for a half marathon, so I know that I'll lose fat rather quickly...however, I'm also putting on muscle at the same time through lots of weight training, so I can't use the scale to judge my success. It sucks because I'm such a numbers person.

Anyway, having to account for your actions is ALWAYS a, I'll bite!

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