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Some things that have helped...

Somehow, you've got to get some exercise in with the diet. It might slow down a little of the weight loss, because muscle weighs more than fat, but it will keep things going. I actually understated the bike business. More like 25minutes a day, and I prefer to set it on fairly high resistance. And then I'd sometimes toss in some simple sit-ups afterwards. I've lost 5 inches off my beltline.

Lost an average of about 10 lbs a month over the first 3 months, and now I've slowed down a lot, but the plan is to do a lot of outdoor biking when the weather clears up.

Diet-wise, I've also made use of oatmeal (which I really don't like very much) but it's not so bad if you toss in some dried berries and a little lo-cal syrup.

Whole grain bread/toast has been a goodie, but I use either fake butter or peanut butter (if I'm really starved).

Baked potatos aren't bad, but you have to be careful what you slap on them. I go with fake butter and/or low-fat sour cream.

Dry roasted peanuts aren't too bad, if you don't overdue it. Takes a long tme to chew them up, anyway.

Low fat yogurt helps.

I quit drinking soda (which I wasn't really that crazy about to start with) and drink a lot more water than I used to. Water is much better for you.

When in doubt (or in a hurry), take a shot at some of the "healthy choice" or "weight-watchers" dinners. Not that expensive, easy to fix (and clean up), and it gets you a little more used to reasonable portions.

Things that I've completely given up: chinese food (which is much worse than you'd think), burritos, mayo, sausage, french fries, pizza, ordinary potato chips (the baked kind aren't so bad) fatty ice creams, and anything that remotely looks like a donut or a hostess twinkie.

It also helps to take a break from the diet once in awhile. Once or twice a month, treat yourself to something evil. Then just put in a few more minutes exercise (before or after) and make sure you have enough discipline to go back to the usual stuff. (So if you're going to be evil, make it an expensive, luxurious evil.)

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