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I'm in the military but love my food so weight loss is a constant cycle. Every 6 months I take a PT test (2 mile run, push ups, and sit ups) and have to weigh in. Immediately following my PT test and weigh in I often balloon up to about 250 or so... sometimes a bit higher. I hold the weight well so noone else really notices but I definitely do when I start to come back around to time to lose it again.

Last time I had a PT test and weigh in my wife went back to visit her family and I had my local flag football team in full swing and dropped from about 240ish to like 217 in about 2 weeks eating just a steak or two or a pork chop or two per night. I was out doing stuff all day and I love my grill so it was something I could cook and it worked great. I could never have imagined weight falling off so quick. I definitely think it had something to do with not eating all the breads and other nonsense that are a very common visitor to my diet.
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