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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
Now that Broyles is gone as AD, you guys should bring back Nolan Richardson.
Whatever he just might surround the campus with the tanks he promised before:

On the eve of his firing, Arkansas basketball coach Nolan Richardson threatened to destroy the university's reputation with "troops and tanks" reminiscent of the state's 1957 desegregation crisis, athletic director Frank Broyles said in a memo released Friday.

According to notes compiled after a Feb. 28 meeting with the coach and Chancellor John A. White, Broyles said Richardson remarked that "he didn't really want to hurt the university, but he may have to."

The university fired Richardson on March 1, four days after Richardson said for a second time that he wanted to be bought out, criticized fans and reporters and said he was treated differently because he is black.

The university released the documents Friday, saying they were also providing them to Richardson's lawyer, civil rights attorney John Walker, who had asked for them. Walker has said Richardson might take legal action in an attempt to fight his dismissal, which was upheld by the UA System president Thursday.

Broyles' account of the Feb. 28 meeting tracks closely with White's, which was previously released. Walker said Richardson used the military reference as an example of what the coach was trying to avoid if he ultimately was fired.

Federal troops were dispatched to Little Rock in September 1957 to ensure that nine black students could attend Central High School.

After national championship he had the job security however he screwed it up with the "us against the world mentality" that wasn't very helpful for the program.
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