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Originally Posted by Tredici View Post
Okay. I had to go on a search for the thread. You slackers.

Great game at The Can today. Budaj was rock solid. Defense was a little ragged at times but the held on through a 40 second 5 on 3. That Harding guy is another biggie. Where are all these huge goalies coming from?

Anyway, are we ever going to include a shot from the point in the PP again? Was Blake the last one who could do that? I think Lyles could rocket one hard enough for a rebound try, but it isn't done. I can't remember the last time I saw any type of slapshot from the Avs.

Good win though.

It just so happens that one of the hardest shooting defenSeimian in the NHL is going to be a UFA at seasons end.

Only problems are that he's somewhat deficient on the actual defensive side and the price for UFA defenSeimian is more inflated than minibar cashews. Still, if you're looking for a rocket shot from the blue line, he's your man.

Nice to see the boys still battling. 12-1-2 over their last 15 games, though it may not be enough to get them into the postseason, it definitely gives me a much better feeling about this team going into next season.

By the way, Peter Budaj tied the franchise record for wins in a month with his 11th in March. One more victory and he pushes his total to 30 for the season. Not bad for a kid who took over the starting duties in late December and who plays behind a mediocre defense.
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