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Originally Posted by ludo21 View Post
havent met many real fans then have ya?

The ship is where its at!! We just believe we CAN win with this style.. It almost happend last year without Amare or Kurt.

If getting smacked by a tired and emotionally exhausted Dallas team in 6 after barely getting past the Lakers and the Clippers in 7 game series' is "almost" then you guys have a longer way to go than you realize.

Right now, Suns fans should be more worried about getting past the Spurs in the second round than meeting up with Dallas in the Conference Finals. The Spurs should be very close to them in the final standings.

The Mavs are 5 games up on the Suns.
The Suns are 4 games up on the Spurs
The Mavs are 9 games up on the Spurs.

The Suns have never beaten the modern Spurs in the playoffs, and they dont play tough enough defense to get it done this time around. I am expecting San Antonio to win that series.

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