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Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
1) Any negativity that Cuban brings to his team is Cubans fault. Its called ACCOUNTABILITY. Mark knows the rules regarding slamming the media or misbehaving on the court but yet he still does it because he knows he has the money to pay the fines. Dont get me wrong, i love his passion for his team and he is in general a cool guy as ive heard in some interviews. But overall, his antics are on him, not anyone else. Anyone else who behaves like that gets fined also so he isnt singled out there.
Oh, I'm not complaining about the fines. He knows what he's doing. If Dirk loses the MVP this season, I am confident that it will be because of Cuban. Cuban has always been accessible and candid with the media, but he has also burned several bridges with big markets. He points out their mistakes and has even called one guy from Chicago an old kook (paraphrased of course)...not to mention his charge that NY stalwart Peter Vescey makes up his stories. Granted both of those things are true, but that doesnt matter. If you dont play the game, you dont win, and Cuban wont play the game. He'll pay for it in the media too. They'll tear his team down at any opportunity.

2) The media bags on Dallas because time in and time out they put up great numbers and have a lot of talent only to fall short come championship time. Dallas is a Jeckle and Hyde of the NBA and its a head scratcher. Perhaps this year is different but until they win it all thats how they will be viewed. Again, nothing new.
How is this any different in Phoenix? Hey, at least Dallas has been to the Finals. What have the Suns ever done against the Spurs?

5) This is a bunch of crap here, ever heard of Larry Bird? Do you really think they care that a white guy is a Super star? Gimme a break. Once Dirk gets a ring the media will be flogging him daily and then you will be whining that he never got respect blah blah blah. Thats how it works in Sports Lama, even you should know this by now.
The media will never promote Nowitzki like they do their black American athletes.
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