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Chris Harris

I don't know how many times I have tried to tell llama boy that losing not only studman himself Amare' but also Kurt Thomas last year, they had absolutely no inside presense and still almost beat the Mav's. I'd like to see what they would do without their two best post players. They wouldn't have even made the playoffs. Call it what you want dude, if you think it's an excuse then that's exactly what we say about Dallas in the Finals. Dallas was the heavy favorite and probably the better team and they C H O K E D.

I won't say Dirk is a choker. He's hit clutch shots before. But your hatred for Nash is beyound belief. I've heard many people that have been NBA coaches and players say he is the best player in the league. I think there's never anyway to prove such a thing, so many different styles. The things he does, NOBODY esle does them. When he takes the ball in the lane, keeps his dribble alive and finds open guys slashing in the lane when he's got 3 guys on him, time and time again. The other team knows it's coming but can't stop it. Like I said, NOBODY in the league does that. He takes the most charges in the league, or at least close to it. Easily penetrates in the lane no matter who is guarding him. Hit's those off hand layups, fading jump shots over the bigs, all this with a bad back.

Where were you last week when the Mavs got pasted by the Warriers, lost to the Suns and just about blew their wad in Boston? Weren't feeling so hot about the Mavs then were you?
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