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Originally Posted by angryllama View Post
If you want to apply a bunch of excuses, that's fine. Just remember that Dirk doesnt get, or want, that same benefit.

Forgive me, but when you start your argument with a bunch of excuses, you have already admitted an inferior position.

Again. Excuses dont count here. Players shouldnt win MVP's based on excuses. Nash hasnt gotten done what Dirk has. Especially this season and over their comparative recent history. The argument should end there.

Nash is second only to The Flying Wheelchair as far as promotion goes. Nash and the Suns are an easy favorite of sportswriters everywhere. I have to chuckle a bit when you say that they are underappreciated. Try being a Mavs fan!
You sir are an idiot...especially when you say hasnt and gotten right after another...what has Dirk gotten (hahahaha) that Nash doesnt? A NBA finals appearance?? sooo f'n what?? Nash has 2 things wait make that soon to be 3 things that Dirk doesnt and will never have...1 is an MVP trophy...2 is another MVP trophy and 3...yeah another MVP trophy...if you dont understand that an NBA Finals appearance is contingent on not only the play of one player, but eleven others...then you really need to stop watching basketball...

just keep swinging off Dirks nuts...I should think about nailing my penis to a burning building rather than talking to Mavs fans...

good luck to your boys come April 21st...hopefully they'll see them again in that WCF rematch...

oh and lastly...who the **** wants to appreciate a Mavs fan? you're all a bunch of bitter losers...

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