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Originally Posted by bronconia View Post
I understood the original quotes perfectly thank you. I simply ranted and raved on your personal twisting of those quotes.

You do a truly horrible job at both sticking up for and putting words into the mouth of, your boyfriend.

What really happened:

Dirk calls the Great ones Liars and admits he isn't a calm shooter in the clutch. And he is pleased as pie in that regard. (that's who I want taking the game winner)
What you see through rose colored glasses made in Germany:
Dirk is soooooo amazing. He can make all these great shots and, why isn't he an MVP? Where are all of those rings that he should have on his fingers? Dammit the whole world is against him because he's just too talented. Those ****ty refs. That stupid canadian. The damn fans and coaches that don't give him his credit. His crappy team. Everyone is against him. He'll never get an MVP. Oh my poor dirky.
that about cover it?
Can't wait to rip on his Dirkness the next time someone utters an undirkish word.
Until then, stay homered.
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