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Originally Posted by bronconia View Post
You think you can talk about the heart of an NBA player, and your mancrush Dirk thinks he can speak for "all great players".

un. ****ing. believable.

First off, until I see you rollin out of Melo's crib arm and arm, your rediculous quaffs about character go right out the window.

Umm...if you'll look closely at the quotes posted so helpfully at the beginning of this thread, you'll see that ALL GREAT PLAYERS don't get nervous. The REAL great players get crazy, and do crazy things like make clutch shots.

You're absolutely correct, Dirk is NOT making excuses, he's just letting everyone know that he chokes under pressure. Definitely an easy out when he clanks that next gamewinner as the buzzer sounds.

"it's okay dirk. I knew it was gonna happen. You TOLD me it could happen. You get tense under pressure, and damn those teamates for giving you the chance to prove your MVP like skills. "

As for Dirk being tough on the floor, you keep your bedroom antics behind closed doors.

It might be a good idea to make an attempt to understand the context of the quote before you go on a baseless rant.
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