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Originally Posted by TheManeMan View Post
oh...homer buddy of ours...

does it make a difference that Nash had 9 new players on the team last year?

or that he didnt have of his all-star PF all F'N year!!

or the year before he didnt have Joe Johnson for about 2 rounds due to that foul on Stackhouse...

But, thats all Nash's fault...he's the only reason why they havent made it to the finals these past 2 years...

And his teams have still won 54+ games in the season...

and you know MVP's of the league have soooo much to do with the playoffs...
If you want to apply a bunch of excuses, that's fine. Just remember that Dirk doesnt get, or want, that same benefit.

Forgive me, but when you start your argument with a bunch of excuses, you have already admitted an inferior position.

Nash can't take his team to the Finals? Let's see....since he's come to Phoenix, he's taken his team to the Western Conference Finals twice in a row, despite extenuating circumstances in BOTH seasons. Give him what the other teams had, and they most certainly would have done even better.
Again. Excuses dont count here. Players shouldnt win MVP's based on excuses. Nash hasnt gotten done what Dirk has. Especially this season and over their comparative recent history. The argument should end there.

You know, sometimes I wonder to myself why I even go to these great lengths to defend Nash to people everywhere who generally have no concept of what they're saying, then I realize that because of this (and DESPITE the two MVPs)....Nash is still the most underappreciated player in the game
Nash is second only to The Flying Wheelchair as far as promotion goes. Nash and the Suns are an easy favorite of sportswriters everywhere. I have to chuckle a bit when you say that they are underappreciated. Try being a Mavs fan!
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