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Originally Posted by angryllama View Post
..but yet when Dirk put away the Suns on a last-second jumper it was an afterthought.

...or when he scored 50 on them leading them over Nash, all-star, 6th man of the year, coach of the year & friends in the Conference Finals.

There's a bit of a double standard going on here.

Dirk is easily the more accomplished player. If we are talking about clutch performance and criticism, shouldnt we point out that Nash has never been to the Finals? Has there ever been a two-time MVP without a finals appearance? Has there ever been a three-time MVP without a championship?

So, Nash has been blessed with two all-stars, a coach of the year, a 6th man of the year (Diaw), a future 6th man of the year (Barbosa), and hasnt even made it to the finals? Talk about choking.

oh...homer buddy of ours...

does it make a difference that Nash had 9 new players on the team last year?

or that he didnt have of his all-star PF all F'N year!!

or the year before he didnt have Joe Johnson for about 2 rounds due to that foul on Stackhouse...

But, thats all Nash's fault...he's the only reason why they havent made it to the finals these past 2 years...

And his teams have still won 54+ games in the season...

and you know MVP's of the league have soooo much to do with the playoffs...

I'm just sick and tired of hearing the same rhetoric time and time again. The MVP is a REGULAR SEASON AWARD. That's why there's a Finals MVP. People in general need to stop looking at the fact that Nash is a scrawny 6'0 (at best) point guard as being the reason why he shouldn't be the MVP. Honestly, this is the reason why people don't accept it. Nash doesn't fit the prototypical "MVP" mold, with his look, people think the award is tainted. People CANT BELIEVE that this kid is winning MVPs and making the game look ridiculously easy anytime he steps out on the court. Sorry to EVERYONE that he's not Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal, Tracy McGrady, Allen Iverson, Karl Malone, or whoever else you want to throw out there.

And I know what you're saying to yourself;

"Well, he was the same guy in Dallas, why didn't he win MVPs there?" The answer to that is, IT WAS A DIFFERENT SITUATION. D'Antoni took the BASIC Don Nelson premise and upped it by a thousand. Nash didn't have the players necessary for those teams to have the same type of success as D'Antoni's system has had and will continue to have, as long as there's a facilitator like Nash in the game. So, once and for all, can we stop comparing those two situations?

That said, though..

Nash can't take his team to the Finals? Let's see....since he's come to Phoenix, he's taken his team to the Western Conference Finals twice in a row, despite extenuating circumstances in BOTH seasons. Give him what the other teams had, and they most certainly would have done even better.

I'm sick and tired of people acting like basketball (or ANY sport) is a ONE MAN game. This isn't golf, or tennis, or any other individual sport. This is BASKETBALL. One player alone does not take a team to the Finals. It's a team game. Twelve players. So to condemn Nash for not carrying his team to the Finals when they took anything and everything that came to them and responded with tenacity and heart is absolutely ridiculous. Sooner or later, it's going to break down. Playing with SIX GUYS last year in the WCF. Would any other team be able to do this?

I'm not even commenting anymore about Nash deserving MVP this year, because doing so will validate this ridiculous notion that there's even an argument besides Dirk and Nash.

You know, sometimes I wonder to myself why I even go to these great lengths to defend Nash to people everywhere who generally have no concept of what they're saying, then I realize that because of this (and DESPITE the two MVPs)....Nash is still the most underappreciated player in the game

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