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Originally Posted by Lynchmob72 View Post
It was that shot, and he does make them most of the time. But in this case ur right, it is magnified because he went up against his old buddy Nash and it was in OT, if it happend on any other game we wouldn't even be here talking about this.
..but yet when Dirk put away the Suns on a last-second jumper it was an afterthought.

...or when he scored 50 on them leading them over Nash, all-star, 6th man of the year, coach of the year & friends in the Conference Finals.

There's a bit of a double standard going on here.

Dirk is easily the more accomplished player. If we are talking about clutch performance and criticism, shouldnt we point out that Nash has never been to the Finals? Has there ever been a two-time MVP without a finals appearance? Has there ever been a three-time MVP without a championship?

So, Nash has been blessed with two all-stars, a coach of the year, a 6th man of the year (Diaw), a future 6th man of the year (Barbosa), and hasnt even made it to the finals? Talk about choking.
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