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Originally Posted by angryllama View Post
I love the way that Boston fans ooh and ahh at Dirk when he shoots. When he hits a high-arching jupshot you can feel the longing eyes looking on from the stands in reminiscience. You can hear respect and awe in their gasps when he pulls up to shoot. You can almost hear forlorn Celticfan say "I remember when we had a player like that, and a team almost that good."

It's particularly disheartening to Celticfan when Dirk coasts through the game only to decide in the fourth quarter that he's going to quit messing around with their little team and pound them into submission by dominating the game and closing them out. Just like he did against so many teams in the past. Just like their players used to do. So, what can they do but live vicariously through the Big German's outfit while he visits their floor? Oh, a Celticfan can dream, cant she?
Does Dirk make you wear a rubber?
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