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Originally Posted by angryllama View Post
I think that there's some truth to that. Dirk didnt spend a day in an American school and learned the game from an eccentric German coach.

I think that there are other reasons too (in no particular order).

#1 - the national media in general dislikes Mark Cuban. They find him an annoyance. Cuban has taken public shots at major newspaper columnists from Chicago, LA, Miami, and NY. He has criticized them for inaccurate and lazy reporting...he specifically nailed Peter Vescey, Sam Smith, and some guy from Miami. Cuban has an independent voice from which he can say whatever he chooses (as long as he is willing to pay the fine), and the columnists try to hold their ground against him.

#2 - the media has spent so much time bagging on Dallas in the past that they cant admit their own failure. There are guys who will call a spade a spade (Barkley, Greg Anthony, Jon Barry, Doug Collins, Reggie Miller) regardless of whether or not they "like" a team or a player. Those guys are few and far between when contrasted with the guys who pander to the people that cut them checks (Hollinger, Jim Gray, Marv Albert, John Saunders, etc, etc) or the people who have no objectivity because they arent required to (that encapsulates just about everyone else). It's hard not to like Steve Nash, but it's hard not to like Nowitzki too. Despite Nowitzki's attractiveness as a personality, the media paints everything he does with questionmarks even though he has proven alot more over his career. Despite Dirk's tendancy to convert the dramatic play, and a reel full of difficult shots, you dont see many Nowitzki highlights. Nash on the other hand can do no wrong. He'll never have a turnover in the highlight reel, but you'll see almost everything else he does while the sportsdesk fawns in adulation.

#3 - Dirk doesnt talk trash, and heaps praise on opponents.

#4 - Dirk has been an annoyance because he just wont go away. He keeps on forcing people to notice him and the Mavs.

#5 - What does it mean for American basketball if the best playoff performance since Jordan retired was put on display by a tall, white, awkward European guy? Make no mistake, Dirk's playoff performance was absolutely brilliant. Against Memphis he was outstanding. Against the Spurs, he was legendary. Against the Suns, he was a "Pantheon guy" according to Bill Simmons. He fizzled out in a couple of the games against the Heat, but those two games dont discount the fact that he put his team on his back in legendary fashion to get his team there to compete for the trophy. That basket against the Spurs (on top of his ridiculous stats for the series) and the 50 pointer against PHX are pretty much the most significant couple of playoff performances since Jordan pushed Byron Russell out of the way to unleash the Jazz-killing jumper.

1) Any negativity that Cuban brings to his team is Cubans fault. Its called ACCOUNTABILITY
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