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Default Viewing the O-mane on a PDA or phone...

I do about 50% of my viewing the Mane from my MDA. Recently I’ve been viewing it with signatures, avatars, and pictures disabled. This seems to work great but I was thinking the other day that there has to be a vBulletin hack that auto detects PDA’s/Phones and switches to a default style. Kind of like what ESPN and Google have. I did a little searching and I found a couple things. There is a mobile device style assignment hack that auto detects that you are browsing from your mobile device. It works with this style. If you want to see what it looks like click here

I normally get average downloads per page on the mane around 300-400 kb, with this style the average was 100-150. This increased the speed of the forums immensely with GPRS.

Just a thought….

Here is a shot of my phone running that other forums page with the style implemented.

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