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Chris Harris

First off - As one guy already stated, Dirk has hit plenty of big shots late in games so he's no habitual choker. Even the best of players have choked a few clutch shots here and there. Amare missed a few free throws at end of 1st overtime that would have sealed the deal there.

Of course Jason Terry can ball......the dude played for the Wildcats, same as Gilbert Arenas, Bibby, Jefferson, Sean Elliott, both Stuademire's, Luke Walton, Channing Frye, ugh, my fingers are gettin tired, the list goes on. Lute knows how to put players in the NBA and they are usually pretty good all around players. And just think, Terry didn't even start for that national champion team. It was Bibby and Simon as the starting guards. I still think Bibby is one of the most clutch players there is, he's just stuck on a **** hole team.

My comment isn't that now all of a sudden the Suns' are the team to beat, it has always been trying to tell Lama that the Mavs are totally beatable. They may up winning it all, but so could the Suns, Spurs, Pistons and maybe a few more. He's just always been on here trying to tell us how great the Mavs are (which is true) and how nobody else has a shot at them (which is untrue).

And as I have stated numerous times, the past few years the Suns have been in the playoffs, they have been without some of their best players. Last year there was no Amare or Kurt Thomas and they still got to the western finals and made it very close. You can see, with a healthy Amare, they can be very successful. The year before that, they lost Joe Johnson in the 1st round and Amare was only a rookie.

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