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Originally Posted by Rulon Velvet Jones View Post
I'm saying that it's ridiculous to read all of this backlash because how the Mavs as a team faltered late in the 4th. Phoenix is still 1-2 against Dallas and Dirk has the gamewinner in the previous matchup. But because of a 2-point, double OT loss, now Dallas sucks and Dirk is the worst player in the league?

First of all, i havent read anyone on here saying Dallas sucks. The thread title simply calls Dirk out for choking last night. Secondly, some posters are saying that Terry and Stackhouse are more important to the Mavs than Dirk is. But thats of personal opinion. I still think that the Suns without Nash are worse off than the Mavs are without Dirk when it comes to the Most Valuable Player on a team.
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