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Originally Posted by Bronco LB 52 View Post
Why are you keeping Hunter?

You don't need to take a 1B immediately. If everybody is keeping a 1B, their values will fall because managers typically don't like filling up their utitlity slot when they have up-the-middle holes. Giambi and Thome have mileage-health related issues, let them fall to you another round. Get Helton at a bargain after his past two seasons. Konerko is a good pick there, but it also depends on who else is available. You can always settle for Prince Fielder four rounds later, too.

Second base is a thin position, should be addressed early but which ones are being kept?
I'm keeping Hunter because it wasn't my team. I felt that he was the best player on that team other then the ones I traded away and kept already. It was between him and Piere. It came down to Hunter being in a contract year, coming off his best year HR wise and how the Twins now have more talent around him. As for the 2nd only Utley is being kept I believe. I'll have the 7th pick in the second round though. I know that 2nd is weak but so is the catcher position thats why I have Mauer targeted.
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