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Julius "Fluff"

Question for you guys. Im in a 8 team h2h keeper league and Im the only one not keeping a 1st basemen. I traded Justin M for A-Rod and I had Jeter on my roster for a keeper already. My problem is the top guys out there will be Giambi, Helton, Thome, and Konerko. I believe Giambi finished with the most points out of that group in our league but I don't really want that many Yankee's on my team. I have the second overall pick and I'm pretty sure that I'm going to land Mauer. That makes my lineup look like this:

C- Mauer

I know that I need to replace Hunter and Dunn scares me. When would you guys think I should go after a 1st basemen? 5th round 6th round or sooner? I'm hoping to land my 2nd basemen in the second round. Thoughts?
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