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Francois Gigeure better do something spectacular this offseason. He was a seller in a seller's market and only ended up with Scott Parker and Michael Wall. Why not bring back Francois Leroux, as well? Outside of drafting Paul Stastny and signing Andrew Brunnette, Avalanche management has been a disaster since the new CBA was signed.

St. Louis did very well for themselves, getting Brady Boyes and 2 1st round picks for Wideman, Geurin and Tkachuk. The latter two guys will probably re-sign with St. Louis in the offseason.

Got to give the Isles credit for getting a stud in Ryan Smyth. They better re-sign him, though I'll be hoping like hell that the Avs will bring him back West next season.

Mike Keenan looks like even more of an idiot after what Bertuzzi was traded for. He's on TSN right now trying to defend his Luongo trade last year.
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