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The off-season.
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"The Greek"

Originally Posted by Mtbrncofn View Post
From Spectors:

Chuck Gormley reports Philadelphia Flyers chairman Ed Snider denied his team is rebuilding after trading away Peter Forsberg and Alexei Zhitnik with the last ten days. "No," Snider said sternly. "We don't understand what rebuilding is."

That's just pure comedy right there.

I know it's probably wise to let him go, but damnit I don't want Lappy to be traded and his name seems to be coming up a lot. May's a grinder, take him!
May's been rumored to be going to both Buffalo, and Montreal. At least one person said there was interest anyway.

The Avs will probably move Lappy, and hold on to May just to irritate me.
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